Best New Music: Stream Jim James’ Charged New Solo Album ‘Eternally Even’


My Morning Jacket front man Jim James released a new solo record, Eternally Even, on Friday.

Featuring nine new compositions, Eternally Even is a particularly relevant album for our current societal climate. Among its tracks, James tackles topics as relevant as politics (and specifically voting, peppering in the line ‘If you don’t vote it’s on you, not me’ in “Same Old Lie,” for example), racial concerns and some other topical-and-hot-button issues swirling about in our collective consciousness these days.

Musically, it’s an ethereal ride of sounds, rhythms, melodies and aesthetics. Opening track “Hide in Plain Sight,” for example, eases the listener in with its psychedelia and, of course, James’ vocals.

Stream the whole album below via Spotify:

In preparation for the album’s release, James stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday to perform a pair of tracks with the Roots. Here’s their rendition of “Same Old Lie:”

And here’s “Here In Spirit,” James’ musical response to the shooting tragedy at Pulse nightclub in Orlando earlier this year:

In all, this was a perfectly-timed release from James and, musically, a fine addition to his ever-expanding collection of music.

Check out his tour dates below:

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