The Jesus and Mary Chain: ‘Damage and Joy,’ First New Album In 19 Years, Out in March

Photo: Steve Gullick

It’s been nearly two decades since the Jesus and Mary Chain released a new record (1998’s Munki), but the duo announced on Thursday that a new album, Damage and Joy, will be out on March 24 via Creation Records.

The band also hinted that the premiere of a song called “Amputation” will take place on Thursday on BBC Radio:


Here’s the track listing for Damage and Joy:

1 “Amputation”
2 “War On Peace”
3 “All Things Pass”
4 “Always Sad”
5 “Song For A Secret”
6 “The Two Of Us”
7 “Los Feliz (Blues and Greens)”
8 “Mood Rider”
9 “Presidici (Et Chapaquiditch)”
10 “Get On Home”
11 “Facing Up To The Facts”
12 “Simian Split”
13 “Black And Blues”
14 “Can’t Stop The Rock”

Stay tuned for more!